EBL PIC Guidelines

Image upload guidelines

  • Picture files must be in JPEG (.jpg) and PNG format.
  • Images must be at least 600 x 600 pixels. For best results, we recommend using an image that is at least 2100 x 1344 pixels, in 300 DPI.
  • Smaller resolution images will be reproduced poorly when printed.
  • Zooming In/increasing scale of image too much, may print poorly on Photo Card.
  • Images of large size may take longer to upload.
  • Maximum Image upload size is 10MB.

Image uploaded must adhere to the following for successful approval:

  • Image being uploaded should not contain malicious code or any malware that may compromise EBL.
  • Applicant holds the rights to use the image being uploaded. The image uploaded should not contain any content that is illegal, anti-social, anti-government or in any way be harmful to self or to another individual.
  • Periphery of Personal Image uploaded of EBL PIC applicant should not contain intellectual property, recognizable anywhere in the world.
  • No Image containing Trademarked or copyrighted materials that are famous and recognizable.
  • No Image promoting branded commodities.
  • No Image with contact details, website links, account numbers of applicant or any individual.
  • No Image of prominent personalities [celebrities/musicians/athletes/public-figures/fictional characters etc.]
  • No Explicit images of provocative or sexual nature.
  • No Image of violent or racist nature, including weapons or fire arms.
  • No Image showing consumption of contraband or alcohol.
  • No Image containing religious or political image promoting improper groups or political statements.
  • No form of text in any language
  • No image that may create confusion or result in card fraud at point of sales.
  • No Image that may negatively affect or harm the brand image of EBL, or different payment brands [i.e. MasterCard, VISA, DCI etc.]
  • No Image where money or currency is the focused.
  • No Image which show EBL Bank, EBL Bank logo, or EBL Bank Card
  • No Image which show the names or images of any other peer Banking or Financial Institution
  • No Image containing Logos, Flags or Emblems of any governing body or public/private institutions.
  • EBL holds the right to cancel the card if it is found that the image used affects a third party or is not suitable for any reason.